TRIPS Volume 1 CD

Compiled and released by our friends Clostridium Records in Germany this contains hand picked tracks from the albums "All Aboard The Mothership" and "Brain Blossom".
This is a sealed Digipack CD in a gatefold sleeve with the artwork by Peter C of The Infinite Trip.
Artwork is also on the CD disc.

Track listing:
1) Enigma Vibration (7:40)
2) Who Is It? (7:43)
3) Children of Infinity (7:54)
4) The Mothership (8:07)
5) The Illustrated Man
6) Brain Blossom (8:03)
7) Tomorrows World (8:31)
8) Quarters of The Moon (8:28)
9) Freedom Above All (8:50)

Limited Edition of 500 check Bandcamp for UK Stock

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