Temple of Smoke and Flowers is the third album by veteran psychedelic rockers The Infinite Trip. From the overtly 60’s root stock material of the previous two albums the music now emerges from a wider mindset. The Infinite Trip bring you a new and strange unique vision of psychedelia without losing either the essence or principles of the original hazy heady days. As the music enters your consciousness it journeys into dark places, full of dangerous people, situations and substances. An air of voodoo and unease permeate the nine lengthy tracks as the band navigate their spellbinding but fraught way though the ruined temples and pyramids of the rainforest, encountering shamans, mind expanding substances and their own self doubt along the way. A trip that will leave them forever changed!  

Track Listing:

1) In the Temple of Smoke and Flowers.

First night in the jungle and a party underneath a ruined Mayan pyramid. The recurring doomy riff emphasises childhood memories and early psychedelic encounters. Is it possible to have a fresh start? Weird native incantations and jungle pipes add to the ambience. The trip begins!

2) Alice Dee

Sometimes talking to the plants helps and sometimes it’s overwhelming. All mind expanding experiences come with a price tag and it’s up to the individual to judge their own values. Nature sounds form a backdrop to the unusual rocking oud riff and mutated didge which give this track a great ethnic energy.

3) Vision Flower

When in Rome…the native psychedelics begin to work an influence on the band and the music. Powerful drums underpin some soaring psychedelic guitar work some of which leaks backwards from the future ! Meanwhile the singer mumbles a stream of consciousness prayer to the creative spirit within all of us. Love is all and love is all ours…

4) Natural Love

Homesick for the springtime woodlands of home and loved ones we hope to see soon. Mystic flute and acoustic guitar float over Moroccan drums, lending the track a wistful, haunting quality. You can hear a cuckoo calling goodbye at the end as the band returns to the strangeness of their situation.

5) Vox Mysteria

A jumbled cacophony of voices is pushed aside by spaced out guitar riffs and pounding drums as the band begins to form new mental structures and insights. Meanings shimmer like moonlight on the surface of things. All this weird stuff – this is ok - this is my mantra!

6) Follow

A return to Floydian roots. A song about forming psychic friendships and learning to trust in the process again. A haunting organ meanders over a simple guitar chord and the imagination is set free to float in the clouds. Follow me and I will follow you…

7) Ariel’s Children

Ariel was a captive spirit of a magician in Shakespeare’s The Tempest. More than anything he desired his freedom and as the spiritual children of Ariel we too demand to be cut free from the ordinary and be allowed to fly. A driving acoustic and backwards electric guitars decorate this tuneful plea for release. Set your spirit free - you are the architect of your own resurrection.

8) But I’m Not Dreaming

The trip is nearly over and it will soon be time to depart. Did we really have all those experiences? Was it a dream? Flying Saucers? Talking to animals? You dreamed it too? Weird. Chinese gongs, backwards Chinese orchestras, lyrics that might just as well be backwards for all the logic in them. But – this high energy track impels us to the compelling final act of this psychedelic drama.

9) Into Another Dimension

The final night and a final party, once again under the ruined temples and pyramids. But something has changed. The band has realised new potential, feels at ease with all that has happened. Layers of acid guitar shift under native chanting and percussion and the witch doctor gives a final blessing. The music fades like smoke into the canopy of trees… . credits released March 16, 2015

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