Stone Freakin’ Hippy is another FREE DOWNLOAD album comprising of eight tracks which have not been released anywhere else. These are all tracks that are either left over from previous projects or did not fit the theme of albums that were planned. They are not sub standard to our other works however so we like to give these out as a bonus to any of our followers. 
We are sure that you will enjoy these if you like our other albums  

Once again there is a mixture of styles here to provide variation for the listener. 

Underworld Dream, Kalachakra and What’s Happening are more recent tracks experimenting with various styles of newer psychedelia and rock. 

Fall Into Earth has a distinct flavour inspired by vintage Yardbirds. 

Sonic Love is an alternative acoustic version of the track that appears on our limited edition vinyl that we made with Krauted Mind Records .

Stone Freakin’Hippy is a bit of a fun track about the hippy idealogy that should put a smile on your face  

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is the forerunner of Mindrocker with another long trippy guitar solo on the end of a pure garage rocker. 

Planetary Pilgrimage is a Raga Rocker with electric sitar flutes and ethnic drums giving it some exotic flavours. 

Have a good trip !!!


released May 5, 2016

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