Welcome to the Music Page

Here you will find an individual page and player for each album that we have released so far. Beneath the MUSIC tag you will find a link which takes you to the player and the album notes giving you some track info.

We use Bandcamp players which you can buy the albums from or you can just go to Bandcamp using the links in the player.

You will find our music on many other sites but not the free albums as they are only on Bandcamp. We also keep the prices lower on Bandcamp too.

We like to make some albums free using tracks compiled from those that are left over from sessions in the studio. We pick the best for our official releases but the tracks on the free albums are not sub standard so we like to give them out to the fans.

We also adopt a policy of keeping the prices low on Bandcamp so check out our pages on there too. You can buy individual tracks or even a complete discography at a discount.

Most of all though .....just enjoy the music....that's why we make it !!!!!

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