The Infinite Trip proudly present their second album Matilda’s Magic Garden.

Moving onwards from the first album (Dream Children) we have once again drawn upon our 60’s influences to create an album that reflects our own particular brand of Psychedelia. Retro ? Possibly. Archaic? Possibly….We prefer Timeless.
The elements of Psychedelic Rock, Garage and Freakbeat are still prominent but a slightly more experimental and trippy mindset weaves some extra colours into the mix. Backwards guitars and Indian / Ethnic influences can be found in some of the tracks and Indian percussion sometimes fused with Rock drums that take you on a further mind trip to interesting new sound vistas. The songs are as fresh and original as always and still have the trademark guitar sounds and strong driving beats.

If you enjoyed Dream Children (our first album…Check it out now) then we are sure that a trip into Matilda’s Magic Garden will expand your mind just a little bit further as we move forward step by step on our own Infinite Trip.

So here is a quick description of the 11 tracks that you will find on this album.

1: I’ve Been Possessed By Timothy Leary

Tune In…Turn On…Drop Out ……That’s what Timothy (Leary) said. So we did and we hope you enjoy the results as much as we did !! Backwards guitars weave around a pulsating beat and a happy hippy trip was had by all….Enjoy !!!!

2: The First Thing About Me

Vintage era Yardbirds style feedback edges into a driving song of the eternal rebel. “I live with two expensive French whores and two Tibetan monks ……and you don’t understand me ???”

3: I Want A Real Happening

Swirling organ, Echoed guitars, Softly padding drums and Dreamy vocals. Floating up from the depths of inner space comes an impassioned plea for a “Real Happening”… here it is.

4: Meat Wheel People

So…You like Raga Rock !! You want a track based on the Tibetan Wheel of Life that combines sizzling Quicksilver guitar with sitar runs all set to a frantic Bo Diddley beat!! Impossible you say….well try this for size !!!

5: Reveal Your Mind

Trans Love Airways take you on a West Coat trip. Jangling 60’s guitar and an organ straight out of the Haight Ashbury era transport you to the Summer of Love. Open up Your Mind……..

6: Love In The House of Now

Raw guitars come screaming out of the Garage and scrape the chords into your memory !! Here is your Freakbeat manifesto…. “Now Colour It In !!!”

7: Electric Eden

What does Paradise sound like to you? Well…Ethnic drums, Soaring guitar and emotive Indian instruments do it for The Infinite Trip. Join us in our own vision of Electric Eden….”and never get kicked out of the Garden.”

8: Once Upon A Time In The Void

The mist clears and classic Byrds like chiming guitars take flight into Visions of the Void. A gentle glide through a Tantric soundscape where mutated guitars roll just under the surface like strange Gods calling you to dive deeper into your inner self.

9: Matilda’s Magic Garden

The standard bearer of the album …There are many marvels in Matilda’s Magic Garden…some are entrancing….some are disturbing…and some are dangerous. Rolling drums propel this fuzz drenched slice of heavy garage psych. When you enter Matilda’s Magic Garden you will find yourself on the threshold of the strange but beautiful world of The Infinite Trip.

10: Weird Things

The Infinite Trip give a nod in homage to the sacred psychedelic tradition of a mutated Blues track. Swirling spectral organ, gutsy guitar and tremelo vocals create Weird Things in the Laboratory. It’s a Monster!!!

11: Unnaturally High

Recorded by moonlight among sacred stones shimmering echoed guitars, transcendental floating organ and tribal rhythmic Indian drums combine into a hymn of yearning. Meditate…Levitate and enter your mind into a trippy state where you can “Shadow Dance across the Moon !!”


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