The Infinite Trip

The Infinite Trip.....We are Psychedelic....Let me explain.
The Infinite Trip was created from a friendship that was forged back from school in the early 1960's by two fresh faced boys who were totally absorbed by the huge amount of music that was sweeping the UK and the USA at that time. From 1964 on our attention turned to the beginnings of the first wave of Psychedelia which we both followed throughout the 60's and onward.
So to today...50 years on...and we still share that passion for the raw psychedelia of those times long before modern technology. We love Freakbeat and Garage Psych (as they are now called). We also love the later period where Indian music, Jazz and anything strange and unusual was used by these creative musicians long before synthesisers and samplers appeared on the scene.
The Infinite Trip is based on these principles and is our own personal choice of Psychedelia from our own experiences of those times. Many younger listeners may find it hard to understand the impact that music had upon the world in those days but judging by the current interest in Garage Psych, Freakbeat and 60's music in general shown on You Tube there are many who are rediscovering these delights from the huge catalogue that is now available. The Infinite Trip draws upon real experience of the genre and a true understanding of the styles and techniques involved.We have lived ,loved and breathed this music now for 50 years.
So....on to The Infinite Trip and the first album "We Are Like Dream Children" which is all completely original material
The opening track "Dream Children" is a high energy kick off to the album giving that vibe from the Mod days when the first wave of psychedelia was appearing. Touches of reverse guitar and bags of reverb soaked acid guitar and snarling vocals set the scene....." Time to start Dreaming" as per the lyrics.
On to "Action Painting" and its more of the same but a bit more Garage/Fuzz orientated and a harder beat and driving guitars.
"You Can't Return To Wonderland" changes the scene and mood at this point. A song about why Alice can't go back to Wonderland a dark and broken dream. Clean echoed spidery guitars and huge echoed organ create a real atmosphere more in the LA / Haight Ashbury style of the mid 60's.
"Mind Reaction" another Garage Fuzz Rocker with phased organ and reverse guitar also creeping in brings the pace back up.
"She's Like A Tree In My Garden" is a slower pace again exploring some Indian influences using tampura and tablas mixed in.The guitar has a strange Univibe effect and the lead vocal is phased creating in all another trippy dream like atmosphere.
"Long Fall To Tomorrow" is another Garage Rocker with more reverse guitar (we love it !!) but catch the surprise ending which evolves into a phased drum solo with feedback guitar.
"Bad Trip Baby" is a pure Acid Garage/ Fuzz Rocker using the classic Louie/Louie sequence to great effect.The fuzz guitar screams at an impossibly high pitch on the solos by using a classic Octafuzz effect.
"Use What You Got" again comes from that earlier 60's Mod period with some delectable feedback guitar...get the vibe.
"Come Live In My Tree" may be a little more Pop orientated but the trippy organs and guitars take it back into a Freakbeat style.
"Bardo Plane" enters that area of Acid strangeness with screaming fuzz guitar using unusual scales and begins and ends with weird chanting monks.A Song about entering the Bardo Plane upon dying as per the Tibetan Book of The Dead...a common theme in some of those old Acid Garage tracks.
"Wheel Of Life" is our finishing track and if you liked "Wonderland" then you will probably love this epic atmospheric piece which has influences from The Doors and early Pink Floyd in the feel of the track which explores another mystic theme.

So that's a summary of who we are and what this album is all about.
We really hope you enjoy it and take the time to explore some of the outstanding original 60's material that have inspired us to create this album.
Any feedback or comments would be most welcome as we love to hear from people who are like minded about music.