The Infinite Trip

Did You See The Saucers is a download only Album from Bandcamp.....Sleeve Notes and Track List below player


Our tenth original studio album "Did You See The Saucers" is a download only album and is only available on Bandcamp. The album features intermediate material that is rather less of a formulated album than our usual offering and includes a reworked dub version of an existing track. All of the usual trippiness is there and fans of psychedelic rock, space rock and prog rock are all well provided here. 
(1) Did You See The Saucers: 
No guessing what this track is all about.....classic style space rock right from the onset . Are they real or just inside your head? A very strange demonic voice gives a warning about the UFO Death Cult in the breakdown. Very mysterious !!! 
(2) Reconnect Me To The Motherboard. 
Another piece of Spacerock "Infinite Trip style". Features a spacy sax solo in a rather "Nik Turner" style as well as feedback guitars and lots of synths and space noises. Another rocker. 
(3) King of A Lonely Castle 
Change of style and pace on this for prog rock fans. Starts with a very Floydesque organ which then is followed by a huge King Crimson Mellotron. Also features Mellotron flutes in the vocal section. The lyrics are related to references about the Tarot deck. 
(4) Chlorine Eyes 
A rather darker track where Jules vocal style goes a bit Gothic. There is even a short cello section followed but by a heavy pitchshifted guitar which wails rather nicely in a deep way. The last section of guitar scrapes and grinds in a quite satisfactory way. 
(5) Unearthly Treasures (Mysterious Dub Mix) 
A complete reworking of Unearthly Treasures where much of the instrumentation has been changed and then the whole thing made as a dub version . This reworked track is very trippy and was made quite some time after the original track came out and we like this version best. I have included the original also on this album as a bonus for comparison for those who haven't heard it. 
(6) Unearthly Treasures (Original Version) 
See above note. 
Hope you enjoy this album and have some "Happy Tripping" while we continue to work on more new material for later.