The Infinite Trip


The Infinite Trip.....We are Psychedelic....Let us explain…
The Infinite Trip was created from a friendship that was forged back in school in the early 1960's by two fresh faced boys who were totally absorbed by the huge amount of music that was sweeping the UK and the USA at that time. From 1964 on our attention turned to the beginnings of the first wave of Psychedelia which we both followed avidly throughout the 60's and onward.
So to today...more than 50 years on...and of course we still share that passion for the raw psychedelia of those times long before modern and digital technology. We love Freakbeat and Garage Psych (as they are now called). We also love the later period where Indian music, Jazz and anything strange and unusual was used by these creative musicians, long before synthesisers and samplers appeared on the scene.
And then we fell in love with all the genres that Psychedelia birthed…Krautrock, Prog Rock, Space Rock and the modern inheritors such as Space Dub, Psybient, Stoner Rock etc. It’s that sense of mystery and wonder, the glimpse of new worlds inner and outer, the sonic soundscapes that each generation discovers and explores. We salute them all.
The term Psychedelic means to reveal or manifest the mind. It’s a current that flows from our most ancient experiences of nature, myth and legend. It is stories and dreams and modern psychology and all the creations of the shadowed recesses of the human mind. The Infinite Trip is based on these ideas. We seek to evoke that sense of wonder of endless exploration of inner and outer space. We have lived, loved and breathed this music now for over 50 years. The trip is infinite…